Phillip James Chalker ABN 23653473115

Picture Of Philip Chalker taken by Latrobe Valley Express
My name is Phillip Chalker and I’m the Manager and founder of this group.

Gippsland All Abilities Social Group has been set up to help you meet new people and make new friends and discover new things in a fun and friendly environment so if your feeling lonely or isolated you are welcome to attend.

We are now catching up with people individually, so I run individual services as well for those ones who don’t feel like catching up in a group. If you just want to catch up one on one contact us and let us know. I can also provide additional services such as mentoring, guest speaking, and individual social support – email or call Phillip for more information on this.
Who can attend?
Everyone of all abilities aged 18 plus (who live in the Gippsland Region and who are able to get to and from the activities independently or with assistance). We do not organise transport to and from activities unless otherwise specified. Carers or support workers are welcome.

Type of events and activities
• Fish and chips in the park
• going to a café or restaurant;
• Going to the movies
• Live Theatre Shows
• Coffee and Chat either at your place or in the local area
• Visit attractions in Melbourne (e.g.
• Melbourne Zoo
• Melbourne Museum.
•Art and Craft
• DVD & Pizza Nights

We welcome your suggestion of activities as well.

When does the group meet?
We meet on the last Friday of every month but occasionally I may run weekend activities.
How much does it cost?
All activities that you attend are at your own expense plus a gold coin donation at each activity..

How do I sign up?
To sign up or join the mailing list please contact Phillip Chalker on 0400603367 or email all.abilities.social.Group@gmail.com or
check out our Face book page or twitter or LinkedIN to keep up to date with activities. Visit www.gippslandallabilitiessocialgroupblog.wordpress.com

Support us
If you are able to provide a mini bus or know of anyone who could assist with a mini bus, or help people get to and from activities it would be appreciated.
I would also appreciate it if you could please share these activities and encourage your clients or staff to attend and help by sharing this group and activities around on your social media pages or in your newsletters.
If you have any other experience or skills that you have to offer in the way of assisting this group, in the way of grant writing, creating flyers, or helping to upload these activities on websites – please get in touch.

I would love to hear from anyone whether you are an organisation, or business who would like to work in partnership or sponsor this group.
you can also help by printing out some of my brochures or share them around

All abilities social group brochure print

My Working with Children Check number is 03314153-02 and Police Check ID is: 8976857