2nd November 2018

I recently had the pleasure of attending the all abilities social group. Although a small attendance on this day, the group presented the opportunity to meet new people within your community and experience the diversity of a ever changing social calendar
A great experience.

10 October 2018.

I met with Gippsland All Abilities Social Group today (12/10/2018) and found him to be an enthusiastic champion of people with special needs. His yearning to do advocacy work and engage people with barriers into his world is very evident. 
He has a passion to get people together, and whether it be for coffees, swim sessions, discos or just because, it is very clear that he does not want people to be left out.
It was a pleasure meeting with him, and I hope we can work together moving forward

27 September 2018

Hi Phillip,.

I met Phillip on one of the Blind and Vision Impairment support groups that he created on Facebook where he offered to help me with the issues we were facing with NDIS. Phillip took his time to talk to me on the phone recommending support coordinators to deal with NDIS. He was very prompt to email an organisation by the name of Choice Consultancy to assist us in finding a suitable support coordinator. Phillip also gave us very useful insights about assistive technology. He took his time to teach me and my nine year old daughter some very useful tips on using Voice Over on her iPad, like turning it on and off and turning on Accessibility Shortcut to allow us to open Voice Over really easily. He also taught us how to install updates on iPad and how to use Siri to open apps.
I’m a busy mum of two special needs children and I’m not an iPad user myself, learning about using Voice Over was on my list for a long time. Now my daughter can find things on iPad on her own, she is very excited that the icons now can say their names! We really appreciate Phillip’s help. I highly recommend Phillip for other people with disabilities, especially those who are blind or vision impaired, to assist them on how to use iOS devices to their best advantage.

31 August 2018
Great way to meet new people in the community and to also learn about issues facing those living with disability. Very fun and relaxed atmosphere, and it was lovely to chat and enjoy a meal together

Today, for the first time I met up with Gippsland All Abilities Social Group. Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity. Secondly, to the person in charge, you are an amazing person, doing amazing things and it was fantastic to hear some of your feats. I look forward to seeing yourself and the group in the future.
26 July
It was great meeting new friends, and that the organizer(s) is willing to e-mail you a schedule about a few weeks in advance. The whole group is awesome

28 June 2018
nice small group of friends hanging out enjoying each other’s company.
If you are wanting to make some new friends, then come along to the next meeting

30. March 2018.
Graham Binding
i enjoy attending these groups and catching up with old friends.
I love today.
23. February 2018
Ian R and Lena G
Good meal and good company at the Traralgon Bowls Club

Brett Costello
Nice company and interesting conversation

Tim Elson
Having fun with people you know and eating meals that are great. It also has a good vibe and a chance of fellowship.

Great to see a fantastic group of people having fun. Happy pats and licks from Roddy as well

29. April 2016

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed myself.


I enjoy coming to the social groups once a month good company and good food.

I enjoy the topics we talk about today.

I liked to meet new people and new friends

I like the information About trains


bringing the community together over Activities and meet new friends

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